Ignyte Institute

About the Institute

What is the Ignyte Institute?

The Ignyte Institute is a professional research organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of cybersecurity research, collaborative security and integrated compliance education and solutions for global corporations.

The Ingyte Institute, and its community, focus on innovation, research, education, and sharing best practices to advance cyber risk & cybersecurity.

History of the Institute

The Ignyte Institute was started by Ignyte Assurance Platform’s CEO, Max Aulakh, born out of necessity for advanced cyber research, collaborative and social learning around emerging cybersecurity regulations, standards, and threats against commercial enterprise from small to large businesses.

In collaboration with organizations such as Impact Washington, MEP for Washington state, US Air Force Cooperative Research & Development (CRADA) - the Institute first offered training that focuses on the emerging CMMC standards that are closely modeled after DFARs 252.204-7012 and NIST SP 800-171, but with additional domains.

Ignyte Institute & Ignyte Assurance Platform

Ignyte Institute's advanced research & training helps your organization learn what it needs to know in regard to cybersecurity, cyber risk, and compliance. Ignyte’s research is applied directly within the platform to help track, map, and maintain corporate & executive security efforts including cyber threat analysts efforts so your organization is ready to defend against a threat actor or audit at all times.

Ignyte's research-driven software addresses a tremendous void between leadership and the analyst. We bring education and software together to support your business and compliance efforts.

Meet the team

Max Aulakh

Cybersecurity Advisor

Bryan Van Brunt

Advisory General Counsel

Susan Graf

Senior Manager


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