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Expertise in Cyber & Risk Management

The Ignyte Institute’s team are experts in research & development, cyber risk, cybersecurity, and compliance. We keep current on all changes in regulations, standards, and guidelines because it’s our passion. Every team member is dedicated to providing the best in class training to maximize your experience with us.

Rapid deliver

When new content or courses are needed, our team of experts can rapidly compile the information to deliver an easy to understand, relevant learning experiences to meet your needs.

Concentrated, focused modules

Our courses are designed to help the participants focus on the materials at hand so they can concentrate on learning a specific topic in small digestible chunks that are reinforced through short quizzes as you go.

Reliable, verified material

Our material is backed by reliable, authoritative sources and grounded in research, by monitoring emerging & changing standards & regulations, and verified through resource toolkits built into the course.

Available Sample Courses